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91-92/ 2 years in the art collage mizpe ramon in art studies ,
( painting , sculpture , print , photography ).
93-94/ 2 years in tel hay callage of art , art studies.


96-99/ “beti bam co.“ – sound , lights, rigging:
technical work in electrical &rigging sys in teams.
99-01/ manegment of decoration teams and lighting sys.
(privet sector)
2001/ ma’ariv la noar extreme production: field team wo
producing & maneging.

in the past life he has Worked as a designer of events, responsible for the decoration of formal and private events and festivals.
In the year 1995 started as a tattoo artist, and tattooing since then.
he believe in a meticulous approach to details and when it comes to tattoos and body-art an uncompromising professionalism is needed.
Currently tattooing in Amsterdam the nederland.


2001 —- Offir Gallery, Photo exhibition: Series 3: nude black and white køb cialis.
2002 —- Offir Gallery, Painting exhibition – Love Segments.
2002 —- Ganey Ha Tarucha: Hanger 33, Painting exhibition – Erotica & Art.
2003 —- Dungeon – Passion Art Party, Film exhibition – Distorted. 1 movie
2004 —- The Film Love hate & a reason to live
2004 —- In a mad world, a movie that has been made for a film festival in Australia .. with a guidance to use and umbrella .
2005 —- Video clip be olami hapnimi singer Nafkar.